We Represent You All Over The World

SASA Law Office serves a vast range of clients – from large corporations, professional offices, and non-profit organizations to individuals, small startups, and established businesses. Our Attorneys offer their services to clients locally, nationally and internationally in industries ranging from manufacturing and retail to hospitality, healthcare and entertainment.

Our Corporate Law practice includes assisting our clients in a wide array of areas, including:

  • Selecting the type of organizational entity
  • Forming such entity in accordance with New York Laws
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements between shareholders or partners as well as drafting articles of associations, bylaws, and operating agreements
  • Maintaining the legal entity throughout the client’s business operations, changing the formation of the legal entity
  • Structuring mergers, acquisitions and other types of business combinations and divestitures
  • Organizing the corporate law related legal matters of buying and selling businesses.